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Case Studies

Our firm has over 80 years of experience working on assignments that span over 800 industries around the world. By exploring some of the cases we have worked on you will gain a better understanding of how we might be able to assist you in your quantification, investigation or valuation needs. Refine your search by selecting a practice area or industry.

power generation loss

Construction Claim – Major Hydro-Electric Generating Project

We were asked by an independent adjusting firm and insurers to review the economic damages claimed in relation to a course of construction claim on a major hydro-electric generating project. The project was delayed for several months as a result of the failure of a cofferdam which was allowing construction...

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income replacement benefits, irb calculator, accident benefits forensic accounting, accident benefits forensic accountant

Wrongful Death Claim – Car Accident

Our firm was engaged in a matter involving a wrongful death claim for a 57 year old married sole income earner and father of 3 children who was killed in a car accident in New Jersey. Our role involved reviewing the losses claimed by the surviving spouse and dependants including dependency earnings...

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Financial Services

Ponzi Scheme – Bank

Our firm was engaged by a law firm whose client, an insurance company, was being sued by a financial institution with respect to a fidelity insurance policy.  A customer of the bank allegedly carried out a $6 billion Ponzi scheme, with the involvement of three senior employees of the bank.  The insurer...

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cyber attack, cyber risk, cyber risks, cyber breach, cyber risk insurance market

Cyber Risk – Multinational Manufacturer

A multinational manufacturer discovered total data lost or corrupted, causing a shutdown/slowdown of operations worldwide. MDD consulted on the initial investigation of both the potential and actual business interruption impact as well as verifying the internal and external costs of the corrective...

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class action accountants, class action support

Class Action – General Motors


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Franchise Support

Franchise Rescission Claim – Claim Analysis Under the Arthur Wishart Act

We were retained by a franchisor to analyze a claim for rescission under the Arthur Wishart Act. We noted the following main issues with the claim. There was a claim for unpaid owner/manager labour, even though the owner had continued working at his pre-franchise job and had actually experienced pay...

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Expropriation – Retail Plaza

We were retained to calculate business losses suffered by the owner of a retail plaza as a result of a partial taking of land and adjacent road widening work. Our analysis included a review of historic revenue, lease rates and vacancy levels, as well as quantifying future losses based on below-market...

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Loss of Income – Train Derailment

Our firm was engaged to assess the income losses for a plaintiff resulting from injuries sustained from a train derailment.  The plaintiff’s claimed income loss over a multi-year period was in excess of $30 million. Our involvement included the review and assessment of the plaintiff’s personal...

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physical damage assessment, physical damages

Physical Damages – Fire at Aircraft Hanger

We were asked by Insurers to review the physical damages claimed by an aviation company who, during the manufacture of a military aircraft, suffered a fire in one of their hangers in Indonesia resulting in the wing of the aircraft being damaged. The wing had to be taken off the aircraft and replaced. Our...

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